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Oxygen Facial with Serums


Missouri City, Sugar Land, Sienna Plantation, Riverstone Serum & Oxygen Facial

Your skin’s hyaluronic acid level decreases after the age of 25, allowing your skin to lose up to 65 percent of its moisture content, resulting in wrinkles and a dull, tired looking complexion.

BodyBrite Missouri City puts that life-giving hyaluronic acid back into your skin with our Oxygen Facial. The facial features a specially-developed serum that is applied using a special technique that penetrates the serum into the skin with 90 percent oxygen. The serum-oxygen combination supports the skin with hyaluronic acid in two combinations, a huge amount of vitamins and active ingredients that increase the moisture balance levels in your skin.

The Oxygen Facial reduces wrinkles, restores collagen and elastin fibers, creates a lifting effect and provides an overall younger and healthier looking face.

Oxygen. We need it for life, and our skin needs it to be at its best. Try the DermaOXY Oxygen Facial to get the results you want. To extend the benefits of your Oxygen Facial, consider incorporating DermaOXY’s Exfoliating Scrub into your skincare routine, as well as using DermaOXY’s Eye Cream on a daily basis.

Treatment session: 45 minutes